la cellule (becquemin&sagot) My mouth, your Mediterranean sea

My mouth, your mediterranean sea
Ice cream with sea water  from La Franqui (seaside resort in the South of France) and performative action from a souvenir of Well Well, an inhabitant of Le Mas d'Azil,  2014
"Les plongées aziliennes", solo exhibition,  residency at Caza d'OroMas d'Azil, France [March 22 - April 12, 2014]

When asked «what does La franqui represent to you?» Mas d’Azil inhabitant Jean Claude aka Well Well who used to spend his holidays as a child and a teenager there, answered «As soon as I get there, I dive into the sea». 

La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) uses this memory for its performance entitled Ma bouche, ta Méditerranée (My Mouth, Your Mediterranean sea) which turns the mouth into a sea that gives a warm welcome to Well Well’s dive.