la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Nothing to write about
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Ca casse pas trois pattes à un canard ie Nothing to write home about
French marigol, in situ artwork, 2014
Creation residency at Caza d'Oro, Mas d'Azil, France [june-september 2014]

 Following the Kokopelli installation (Kokopelli is a militant organisation that defends the trades of non-copyrighted seeds), in Mas d’Azil, La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) wished to create a flowerbed for the town hall using the organisation’s unauthorised seeds, instead of the industrial seeds that the town usually uses.

After a number of meetings, the organisation finally decided not to follow up on the project, probably too “light” in the context of their own vision of activism. Ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard (It’s nothing to write home about) materialises this disappointment: made of flowers usually used for flowerbeds, with copyrighted seeds, this plant artwork was integrated into the towns flower programme during the Summer of 2014.