la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Glory Holes
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Glory Holes
Women, MDF, food, 200x200x200cm, 2005
"Déguste!", Manufacture des Gobelins, Paris, France [July 19, 2005]
"Déguste!", Contemporary Art Museum, Manila, Philippines [April 15, 2008]
"It is such a candy world", French Alliance, Buenos Aires, Argentina [August 20, 2008]
"L'art du goût, le goût de l'art", Cahors, France [Dec 4, 2008]
"A voir et à manger", group exhibition, Paris, France [March 16 and 17, 2012]

"References fall over each other in front of this installation, and yet, our only desire is to keep them away in order to savor the warm languor that is envelopping us. Then some mental images appear to us : The Beauty and the Beast for the pagan animism and the magic of the slowly undulating arms, Belle de Jour for the wallpaper and the reversed transgressive peephole, L’Apollonide for the suave, hypnotic and sad boudoir, Benjamin Biolay’s Glory hole for its filthy sophistication and its « maybe it’s not you ». Then we taste the food and the arm becomes simply and tenderly feeder."

Bernadette Morales