la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Chocolate Bear
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Chocolate bear
Chocolate, 40x11x8 cm, 2014
"The bear, objet of desire", collective exhibition, Espace Croix Baragnon, Toulouse, France [March 21  - May 10, 2014]

“Here is a really cool neo kouros, even if the compact suppleness of the body conserves the slight restraint of the little boy who has gotten chubbier. This 35cm tall statuette is similar to a figurine (…). It is made from chocolate and comes from pastry guns, even though the bear cub remains a classic figure (…) Who is this boy?

He is a bear, a bear from Toulouse: Frédéric Péres. Like a trace of the bear-animal, only the hair can be seen as a real clue. (…) The bear personifies animality with a fake air of ferociousness, round more than anything else, a virile but soft power. It evokes living, fragrant, hot flesh, an odour of love asleep in the night… Always affectionate and teasing. There is little doubt that with this piece La cellule (Becquemin&Sagot) is essentially inviting us to feel the unique softness of boys. Perhaps also, even though homosexuality still seems to be considered as a problem by certain people, it is playing with a certain cultural relativism. In a performative, cannibalistic shaping, it opts to transform the bear into an object of gourmandise and to eat it.” 

Bernadette Morales