la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Cool thoughts, cooling words
Cool thoughts, cooling words
Refrigerators, various perishable goods, 700x68x174cm, 2008
« Codex », Group Exhibition, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, France [Oct. 10 – Oct.12, 2008]

When it's totally full, the refrigerator is a symbol of consumption and an outpost of supermarkets in our homes. It becomes the cornucopia of a supposedly unfinished growth. When it's empty, it shows that it's a simple object bringing the illusion of a time stood still, of an eternally white winter into our homes.
"The Cold thoughts, freezing words" installation proposes to use it as a conservation and consumption tool in order to stage a few extracts on perishable goods. Six half open refrigerators are displaying edible materials on which a few extracts from various texts are carved. Words are then imperiled because of their fundamental link to a material that's inexorably degrading itself. The open fridge shows an intervening period during which the flesh-text can only be seen by the visitor when he breaks the cold chain that will lead to its destruction.
Halfway between conservation and consumption, the feeling of love goes the same way.

Texts presented: Recette du cake d'amour, song from the movie Peau d'Ane by Jacques Demy, 1970 /// Gris métal, song from the Bertrand Burgalat album The Sssound of Mmmusic, 2000 /// Variations sur Marilou, song from the Serge Gainsbourg album L'homme à tête de chou, 1976 /// Mignonne, allons voir si la rose, poem by Pierre de Ronsard from Le Premier Livre des Odes, Ode à Cassandre, 1550 /// Le Lac, poem by Alphonse de Lamartine, from Méditations Poétiques, 1820 /// Dans ta bouche, song from the Benjamin Biolay album Trash Yéyé, 2007.