la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Formule 1, my home sweet home
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Formule 1, my home sweet home
PVC pipes, sound, 200x200x200cm and 100x100x100cm, 2008
« A la claire fontaine », Group Exhibition, Jean Hélion, Issoire, France [July 5 – Sept. 28, 2008]

«The Formule 1, my home sweet home» installation is halfway between the living and the built. It consists in a seemingly independent and potentially evolving PVC piping which runs across the exhibition space. It concentrates in two places in which it intertwines until it creates two sculptural structures. At the core of these structures, an open pipe invites the visitor to listen to the ebb and flow. The installation is a kind of collision between the inside of the body, the rationalized and sometimes absurd management of a construction – particularly those of suburban hotels – and a possible escape to the oceanic abyssal plains.