la cellule (becquemin&sagot) Getting out of the car
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Descente de voiture
Series of 6 printed and watercoloured photographs on 300 gr A4 paper, 2012 
"La mostra", collective exhibition, Mende, France [March, 24 - April 9, 2012]

This series of watercoloured photographs comes with a déjà-vu feeling. Is this a duel of painting vs photography in the way of Gerhard Richter? Or intimate portraits of underground celebrities like Elisabeth Peyton's? Looking carefully, the paparazzi in all of us can see something in common, as barely suggested by the title: a small, modestly veiled "golden triangle" (after one of the songs of French singer Herbert Léonard). Whereas show-business's most perilous and glamourous duty – going down the stairs – required grace and professionalism, getting out of a car merely represents the opporunity to have a glance at celebrities panties. The tabloid press has practically made a genre of these stolen pictures. How come such trivial visions – visions that nowadays seem to interest French singer Alain Souchon and comic book character Master Roshi only – enter and remain in our field of persistence of vision? Our general indifference to all things certainly makes us more sensitive to them. Maybe, beyond mere voyeurism, lies an enduring link between the idea of childhood and the idea of maturity, part discovery and part rite of passage. A tiny little thing that's being "porned-up"... As WE don't get to be famous, it HAS to be ridiculous. Boredom and contempt hide in every detail, like with Brigitte Bardot on an Italian island. In the end, contempt is power and taking it back with the nobility of painting and the delicacy of watercolour. Like Bazin or Godard could say: "La peinture substitue à notre regard un monde qui s’accorde à nos désirs" ("Painting substitutes for our gaze a world more in harmony with our desires")

Bernadette Morales